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About Me

I am a self taught individual Artisan Leathercrafter working from a small workshop in the beautiful Yorkshire town of Thirsk. I started Leathercraft as an outlet for my creativity and as a way to help me cope with the anxiety and mental challenges caused by being on the Autism spectrum.  

Everything here at Rills Leathercraft is made by hand, using traditional tools and quality vegetable tanned leather.

I carve designs inspired by nature and historical eras on many of my creations and use the time honoured hand stitching method of the 'Saddle Stitch' to ensure that my pieces last a lifetime.

Constantly seeking to expand my knowledge of this fascinating craft, I explore new ideas and try new techniques, challenging myself to create bolder and more beautiful creations.

Green Leather Maple Leaf Hair Barrette
Autumn Leaf Leather Hair Barrette

The Craft

Hand stitching is widely accepted by leather workers the world over as the most reliable way to sew leather items together.


I use the traditional method of saddle stitching my leather goods, which involves using two needles and waxed thread that cross over each other and create a double row of stitching.


While it takes a lot longer to sew by hand than by machine, the result is a stitch that is stronger and more durable.

Image taken from "The Art Of Handsewing Leather" by Al Stohlman 

Leather is a natural product and all products are handmade, so variations in colour, texture and design can be found in each piece. This makes your item one of a kind and separates it from mass produced goods.


Please note that because every device screen is calibrated differently, the colours you see may differ slightly to your physical product. I do my best to represent them accurately through both images and descriptions so that disappointment is avoided.

Enjoy a little video showing how I make one of my leather hair barrettes.

Leather Working Tools

Contact & Custom Orders

Thanks for getting in touch!

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